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Be inspired by popular (and slightly more unusual) benefits!


Be inspired by popular (and slightly more unusual) benefits!

Benefits – Be inspired by popular (and slightly more unusual) benefits!

When it comes to employee retention, benefits are an important key to being a successful employer. And it is no news that many employees are motivated by the possibility of finding a workplace that offers better benefits. According to new studies, as many as four out of five employees would consider changing jobs if they were offered improved benefits.

Are you aware of what benefits your competitors offer? Keeping track of what benefits the competitors offer is a smart way to keep the company up to date with the market standard. Perhaps you are currently running out of ideas for new and exciting benefits that you can offer? In this article, we will address some of the benefits that large Swedish companies offer their employees. Follow along and get inspired!

Let yourself be inspired by popular benefits at Sweden’s largest workplaces

Volunteer job

Being able to volunteer during paid working hours is both a popular benefit among employees and a valuable contribution to society. At AstraZeneca, employees have the opportunity to dedicate eight hours a year to volunteering, while Epidemic Sound offers a full three days of paid volunteer time annually. Some workplaces strengthen team spirit by cooperating and devoting one day a year to volunteering together, while others give their employees the opportunity to choose volunteer efforts that are close to their hearts.

Exercise and physical health – directly at the workplace

AstraZeneca has taken physical health in the workplace a step further by offering employees access to exercise facilities directly at the workplace. Other companies, such as LKAB, have entered into agreements with gyms and exercise facilities near the workplace, where employees get free access to gyms and various exercise sessions.


How about concert tickets? At Epidemic Sound, employees not only get free concert tickets, but also access to in-house music and storytelling events. This provides both pleasure and contributes to cohesion in the workplace.

Corporate events are also popular, such as company parties and planned after-work events. Benefits don’t just have to be about health and finances, they can be fun too!

Staff discount at the company

Getting a staff discount at the company or store where you work is not unusual, and it can be a motivating factor when looking for a job at a specific workplace. Take Ikea for example – being employed there is a real highlight for interior design enthusiasts. Namely, they offer their employees a generous staff discount of 15% on the entire Ikea range.

If you love to travel, TUI can be an attractive place to work, as their employees get a 40-50% discount on travel through “SuperTravel”. In the same way, SJ employees receive preferential prices on train journeys, and employees at Volvo Cars have the option of a benefit car.

Work from home… no, from outside? Abroad!

At Scania, employees have the opportunity to work from abroad for up to four weeks per year. For travelers, this is a fantastic benefit that really gives the opportunity to experience life in another country. This is particularly exciting for employees in companies with operations in several countries.

Free advice for healthy habits

Getting expert advice on alcohol and drugs is something that is offered to employees at SJ. The company takes the health of its employees very seriously and provides them with an additional resource to promote a healthy lifestyle. In addition, SJ employees can also get access to expert advice in law and finance.

What benefits do your employees want?

Every year changes which benefits are most sought after. In the past, benefits linked to pensions and savings topped the list of popular benefits, but now studies show that benefits related to working hours and time off have the highest demand. Being able to work from home sometimes or have flexible working hours has become a requirement for many when looking for a new job. At the same time, benefits in wellness retain their position in the top three. We all strive to feel better and have a healthy lifestyle – and for many employees this starts with the wellness allowance.

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