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Guide: This is what you should think about when you choose a wellness portal in (2023)


Guide: This is what you should think about when you choose a wellness portal in (2023)

This is what you should think about when you choose a wellness portal 2023

An effective wellness portal makes you a more attractive employer – but for it to work effectively, it is important that the wellness portal meets the requirements you set. But there is so much more that is important than just the range of supply when it comes to choosing the right wellness portal. The goal of a wellness portal is still the same: to increase the health of employees by increasing benefits, while reducing administration. Follow along with our guide and we’ll help you with how you should think when choosing a wellness portal in 2023!

Why wellness portal?

By choosing an engaging and inspiring wellness portal, your employees are motivated to a more active and healthier lifestyle. And we all know that healthy and happy employees are engaged employees, so offering a wellness portal is a health strategy solution for many companies.

When you offer your employees a wellness portal, you can reap the following benefits:

  • Become a more attractive employer by offering your employees valued benefits
  • Reduce administration around wellness benefits
  • Making visible the value of all compensation


We start with the most obvious when it comes to using a wellness portal, namely the range of supply. And one of the absolute main advantages of a wellness portal is all the pre-negotiated benefits that are available. From the classic gym membership and group sessions, to mindfulness, yoga and massage – all popular with employees of all life stages and ages.

Since a few years ago, there is also so much more that is included under the heading of tax-free wellness benefits. How about padel, golf, sailing, paintball, motocross or sport fishing? Or why not self-defense, or some dog sport like agility? The possibilities are (almost) endless. And an effective wellness portal is there to help when it comes to offering wellness benefits, regardless of the type of activity involved.

PS: An effective wellness portal offers really good staff discounts and exciting offers!


When it comes to accessibility, it’s really quite simple: a wellness portal should be accessible from different devices, used on different platforms, and be available to employees 24/7.

App or browser? Some wellness portals have their own app that the user needs to download to access the wellness portal. This means both advantages and disadvantages. If you are a person who uses many different platforms (computer at work, work mobile, private mobile and perhaps a laptop or iPad) it can be a pain to have to download the app several times. Then a wellness portal that you can access directly via the browser is a simpler solution. The best wellness portals offer both browser and app.


It should be easy for your company to implement a wellness portal. The whole idea is that there should be less administration on your part. Two things to look out for when it comes to functionality is a wellness portal that is:

  • Cloud based. We like physical servers as little as we like piles of paper. A well-functioning wellness portal exists in the cloud, and can be accessed anytime, anywhere, from a web browser.
  • Compatible with your HR and payroll system. Speaking of flexible solutions with less administration, a good HR system needs to be compatible with the systems you already use. Otherwise, the implementation and use suddenly becomes much more complicated. Therefore, make sure that the wellness portal is compatible with your HR and payroll system.

Flexible and tailored

An effective wellness portal offers many innovative solutions that can help you create a wellness portal that is adapted to the needs of your particular company. Therefore, make sure that:

  • There is the possibility to tailor a benefit package that suits your company
  • The wellness portal can be adapted to the company’s branding
  • The system is as easy to use as it is to customize

Customer service and support

Support for employers and HR: A wellness portal has the task of giving your HR department all the help that may be needed, with everything from start-up to constantly developing the benefits you want to offer.

Support for employees: Questions, problems or other concerns? An effective wellness portal also offers support for your users and answers all questions about the wellness portal and its range of supply.

Simple overview for you as an employer

We talk a lot about reducing administration, but what does that actually mean? It should be easy for employers to get a complete overview of all benefits. Not just wellness in other words, but also lunch benefits, benefit bikes, Christmas gifts (and other gifts), car benefits to name a few. It is simply a compensation overview with a total overview of all the benefits you offer your employees. It is high time to say “goodbye” to piles of paper, manual handling of receipts and payroll deductions. Instead, let the wellness portal do the work for you!


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