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What demands will the working life of the future place on employers?


What demands will the working life of the future place on employers?

Benefits: What demands will the working life of the future place on employers?

The working life of the future is expected to be more flexible and technology-driven, which means that employers will need to adapt to attract and retain talent in a competitive labor market. An increased focus will also be placed on employee well-being, both physical and psychological, as well as offering employees opportunities for training and development. But another important aspect in the future development is that many people want to work for employers who take greater social responsibility by being both more environmentally friendly and more socially responsible with an aspiration towards a more inclusive and diverse workplace.

Here are some of the trends that we predict will affect the future of working life and the demands on employers:

Flexible working hours

More and more employees expect the possibility to work remotely, or to flexible working hours. During the pandemic, remote work increased and for many, stress decreased, as a result of working from home a few days a week. Today, more and more tasks can be carried out remotely, or via digital platforms such as Zoom and Teams, which can open up new opportunities for both employers and employees. The workplace of the future is most likely a hybrid of flexible working hours and location independence.

Employers also therefore need to get better at offering suitable technical tools to facilitate remote work and flexible working hours, otherwise there is a great risk that valuable employees will look for a more flexible workplace.

Focus on well-being

Our focus on health and well-being has increased significantly in recent years and the interest in living a healthier life continues to be increasingly important to employees. But employers are also expected to take greater responsibility when it comes to employees’ health, and here benefits are an excellent way for employers to provide both encouragement and support. In addition to the classic gym membership, health screenings, booking a masseuse at the workplace and stress management programs are popular benefits when it comes to well-being. Or why not a lifestyle coach, health food or psychological counseling? When it comes to health and wellness benefits, there’s a plethora of options out there, and there’s sure to be something to suit everyone.

Diversity and inclusion

An inclusive workplace is a better workplace, and many employees increasingly expect their employers to take a stand for inclusion and diversity in the workplace. Language courses (including sign language) and disability support are just a few things employers can offer to both attract and support a diverse workforce.

Education and development

The labor market is constantly changing and technology is changing rapidly, which means that employees need continuous education and training to stay competitive. Employers therefore need to invest in training and skills development to ensure that their employees have the right knowledge and skills to perform their duties both now and in the future.

As an employer, benefits such as training, various mentoring programs and opportunities for professional development are important aspects to support employees in their careers. This helps companies retain key talent. And developing skills is usually less costly than spending resources on new hires.

Social responsibility

More and more employees expect their employers to take responsibility for society and the environment. Benefits such as offering employees to volunteer during working hours have become a popular benefit that increases the attractiveness of the workplace, but also introducing sustainability programs and environmentally friendly workplaces are good ways for companies to take responsibility.

Let yourself be inspired by the working life of the future

Employers can benefit greatly from trends in the working life of the future. From offering a balanced and healthy work environment, to showing that the company takes a social responsibility, to being flexible in its benefit and wellness programs, these are all trends that help companies become more attractive on the labor market. The working life of the future will be characterized by flexibility, inclusion and well-being. Our best tip for employers is to let this be reflected in the benefits you offer your employees. Those employers who are responsive to the needs and wants of their current and future employees will have significant advantages in retaining their best employees and attracting new talent.


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