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Benefit bikes and Company bikes

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Benefit bikes and Company bikes

Benefit bikes & Company bikes – Everything you need to know (2023)

Bike as a benefit – how does it actually work? Offering your employees a company bike is actually incredibly easy and often companies can offer company bikes to their employees completely cost-neutral.

Since January 1, 2022, the government has introduced new rules for benefit taxation that completely, or partially, remove benefit taxation for bikes as a benefit. Now benefit bikes are only taxed when their value exceeds SEK 3 000 per year, which means that employees can get a bike for around SEK 20 000 completely tax-free. And there are many advantages to giving your employees a company cycle as a benefit as an employer, with benefits such as healthier employees to being a more attractive workplace.

More than the old regular bike

There are companies that offer both regular bikes, electric bikes or box bikes. Some companies also offer electric scooters. However, it is worth noting that the tax relief introduced in 2022 does not include electric scooters, but it does apply to both good old pedal bikes and electric bikes.

A box bike can be a real advantage in the everyday puzzle – both for picking up children from preschool and for making room for grocery bags. And if you have a long way to work, or live in an area with many slopes, an electric bike that helps when it is heaviest can give the employee the last push needed to start cycling to work.

Different bike models may sound like more work is required on the part of the employer, but today there are many leasing companies on the market that offer many different bike models without requiring more paperwork for you as an employer.

What is the difference between a company bike and a benefit bike?

We find many names for those we love: company bike, service bike, lease bike, or staff bike. But the idea is the same – as a company to give its employees an affordable bike benefit.

  • Company bike is a bike that may only be used by employees during working hours. It must be stored at the company when not in use and therefore cannot be used to commute to and from the workplace. Many people, however, call the bike they can get through their company a company bike, even if it is also used privately.
  • Benefit bike is a bike that is purchased (or leased) by the company, which employees can then use both during their working hours and to travel to and from work, as well as in their free time. This benefit is paid through a gross deduction from the salary. And many companies also choose to pay part of the monthly benefit tax in order to encourage their employees to cycle more.

Advantages for employees

There are various advantages for the employees with a benefit or company bike. Below we list them:

  • Taking the bike to and from work instead of the car creates very positive effects for both the environment and health.
  • An excellent way to get daily exercise.
  • Company bikes offer a better price for the employee, compared to if he were to buy a bike privately. You can often save 25% – if not more – by buying a company bike.
  • Having access to a good bike is fun even outside of working hours and can help employees have a more active leisure time.
  • The possibility of choosing a bike model according to your needs, such as an electric bike or a box bike.

Electric bikes today have become really popular because of their variety; on the way to work, many people let the electricity help them so that they don’t arrive at the workplace or meeting hot and sweaty. At the same time, there is the option of turning off the electricity on the way home from work and getting some extra exercise.

Advantages for employers

Just as there are advantages to a benefit or company bike, there are advantages to the employer. The most common advantages below:

  • Healthier employees are happier employees.
  • A popular benefit – offering company bikes makes you an even more attractive employer.
  • Cost-neutral benefit thanks to the gross salary deduction.
  • Easy to offer: many bike companies offer complete solutions that also include service.


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