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The trendiest wellness services for 2023

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The trendiest wellness services for 2023

The trendiest wellness services for 2023

2023 is the year when we put our mental health in focus and exercise to feel good. And exercise as a wellness service is more than just a gym membership! It is also the year we make use of digital aids and invest in an overall picture of our well-being. Here’s Benefit’s list of the trendiest wellness services for 2023!

First and foremost: why wellness?

  • Reduced stress
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced sickness absence
  • A healthier workplace

Healthier employees are happier employees, but they are also more profitable, more efficient and productive, while fostering cooperation and engagement in the workplace. A win-win-win, in other words.

Digital health and wellness programs

With ever-increasing accessibility to technology, along with an increased demand for convenience, there are many employees who want access to digital health and wellness programs. It can be about online classes in yoga, virtual training programs, nutrition and diet programs online or via app. Offering employees various health programs that can be done from home has become an increasingly popular wellness service, and the range of apps and fitness programs on the market continues to grow significantly.

Wider range of care services

In addition to visiting their local health center, many are looking for the opportunity to combine different therapies to get a more holistic view of their health and well-being. It may involve combining different forms of exercise with Ayurvedic yoga, acupuncture and dietary advice. We can call it care services plus – simply wellness services that give a little more.

Did you know that alternative medicine is also included as a wellness service? Acupuncture, naprapathy and herbal baths are wellness activities that are all included in the wellness allowance.

Mental health

We’ve all heard that mental health is at least as important as physical health, yet it’s still physical health that comes to mind when we hear the word wellness service. But we see that the year 2023 is the year when we seriously put our mental health in focus.

Meetings with a psychologist or counselor, conversations with a life coach, lectures on balance in life – yes, there are many different ways to work on your mental health. The important thing is that as an employer you give your workers the opportunity and help to catch and remedy early signs of ill-health. And today, there are, as it were, many different wellness services that relate to increasing mental health.

Sports and exercise

Moving is a prerequisite for our well-being. And exercise can come in many different forms; because, in other words, it’s not just about gym memberships – even though it’s an extremely popular wellness service. Skiing, golf, horse riding and sailing are also exercise – a position that the Supreme Administrative Court took five years ago.

So what about padel as a benefit? The trend of playing padel is not over yet, although it may not be quite as loud as before. At the same time, there are many people who are starting to look up to playing padel and are using it as part of their wellness allowance. The contribution cannot be used to buy the equipment, but instead to book the course and play.

Bike as a benefit

Having a bike as a benefit through your workplace is an excellent way to get your daily exercise in, and after the benefit taxation disappeared for benefit bikes a year ago, this has become one of the most popular benefits on the market – regardless of age.

Accessibility as a benefit

It might not quite be a benefit yet – but it could definitely become a trend in 2023. As an employer, offering your employees access to a benefit portal makes various wellness services more accessible than ever. And for you as an employer, there will be less administration and of course you will avoid time-consuming handling of both receipts and salary deductions. Your employees thus get access to a better range of wellness services.

Benefits benefit portal is available as an easy-to-navigate and clear website. Our award-winning support is there to guide you through the entire process to easily set up your company-customized benefit portal.

What is valid today?

The Swedish Tax Agency no longer publishes a list of approved activities when it comes to wellness services, which can make it more difficult for both employers and employees to find what an approved wellness service is. We know – and we have over 36 000 wellness services, procured and ready to offer to your employees at unbeatable prices. We at Benefits help companies create a more sustainable workplace because we know that good health pays off!

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