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This is how you can work strategically with wellness

This is how you can work strategically with wellness

This is how you can work strategically with wellness

Today, the interest in health is great and for many the desire to live an active life has become a way of life. At the same time, there are many who struggle with putting together the puzzle of life and perhaps lack both the time and motivation to live more actively. Here, however, wellness and benefits from the workplace can help more than you might think. By working strategically with wellness, your company can help your employees lead a healthier lifestyle. And as an employer, you can invest in the health of your employees by offering them benefits that motivate them to maintain a more healthy and active lifestyle. But it doesn’t just have to be about exercise and a gym membership. Other common healthy benefits are, for example, massages and benefit bikes. Let’s start by taking a closer look at why wellness at work is so important.

Why is wellness at work so important?

It’s easy to think that wellness is something that has to happen outside of work hours, while most people spend a majority of their waking hours at work. And while the key to a successful business is the employees, investing in their health can be crucial. And there are a variety of benefits to wellness at work such as:

  • Increased productivity and efficiency
  • Reduced stress and reduced sickness absence
  • Encouragement of cooperation and engagement
  • A healthier workplace
  • And healthier employees are more profitable employees

How can you work strategically with wellness?

Working strategically with wellness means offering your employees wellness that is accessible to everyone. It is about offering several different forms of wellness with flexible solutions for when and where, which is what makes wellness inclusive – and the more inclusive and accessible it is, the more it is used! But it’s also about taking lifestyle issues seriously and that work starts with the managers in combination with HR. And having motivated managers increases employee motivation for strategic wellness always starts at the top. Below are some tips for how you can work more strategically with wellness:

  • Encourage employees to adopt healthier habits
  • See both the individual and the overall situation
  • Show that management and HR are committed to employee health
  • Don’t just focus on the present, but work long-term

Why strategic wellness?

The big cost issue: Sick leave

Results from various surveys show that the main objective companies strive to achieve when it comes to wellness is to reduce sickness absence costs. Among the employees, wellness is instead seen as an extra bonus that adds to well-being and employee satisfaction. But surveys also show that there is a gap between what employers and employees see as wellness. Companies often see wellness as something that is more comprehensive and “all inclusive”, while employees like to focus more deeply and separately on physical, mental and social health.

Unfortunately, offering health care and various benefits is something that is often done half-heartedly at some companies. But setting up a strategy for how the company should work with, and motivate, wellness has more benefits than you might first think. Having healthy employees is the first step to having a successful business, because healthy employees are more efficient and have increased productivity – in other words, healthy employees are more profitable employees.

Helping your employees cope with life’s puzzle and having energy for both work and leisure increases both efficiency and productivity and helps employees make better decisions. In the long run, there will be better profitability for the company. Another positive benefit is that healthy and happy employees are contagious and make your company a more attractive place to work.

If your employees are happy and well-being, it strengthens your brand, while making it easier for you to both retain and recruit new talent.

We help organizations conduct more strategic, efficient and successful wellness work.

Interested in starting to work strategically with wellness? We recommend that you start by analyzing the current situation. If you have many employees, it may be a good idea to conduct an anonymous survey in which employees can answer how their health is and what they would like for the wellness care that the company offers.

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